Concerns And Misconceptions About New Coronaviruses 5


As the number of new cases of new coronavirus in Korea increased to 11 as of March 31, the risk of spreading infectious diseases is increasing.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare explained the concerns and misconceptions about the new coronavirus.


There are more than 100,000 people infected with new coronavirus in China. As of 31st, there were 9692 confirmed cases and 213 people died in China. This is more than 8098 SARS patients in 2003. But the information of more than 100,000 people is unfounded. There may be cases where the hospital does not go to the hospital for reasons such as a natural infection, but the figures have not been compiled.

◆ newinfection mortality rate is over 15%?

Accurate statistics on chimyeongryul of the new coronavirus is not yet. To date, all deaths have occurred in China, with mortality rates of 2.2%. The fatality rate may also vary depending on the prevalence and medical care of the country.

◆ If you are from Wuhan or are you unable to be tested?

If you have a fever or respiratory symptoms after you recently visited China, you will be tested for new coronavirus according to the case definition. Currently, there is no commercialized new coronavirus test that can be used in private medical institutions, and the test is being conducted based on patients reported only at the Center for Disease Control and 18 Health Research Institutes.

Patients with fever or respiratory symptoms (such as coughing or sore throat) within 14 days of visiting Hubei Province, China (including Wuhan City) Or those with respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, etc.) △ pneumonia within 14 days after visiting China.

◆ There is a risk of infection if you receive a courier service in China . Even if a virus containing droplets enters the packaging, it is very unlikely that the virus will survive because it will take a considerable amount of time to manufacture and transport it from China.

◆ Is it safe to disinfect hospitals and restaurants visited by confirmed patients?

Public health centers carry out environmental disinfection according to MERS response to institutions visited by confirmed patients. After disinfection is complete, the institution is safe to use.
It is important for the general public to follow the rules for preventing infectious diseases in everyday life by thoroughly washing hands and following cough manners. Actively cooperate with infection control measures, such as visitor restrictions conducted by medical institutions.

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