Fat burning mechanism in 10 minutes


First, let’s properly understand the fat burning mechanism ! In addition, we will introduce how to efficiently burn fat and recommended supplements, fat burning exercise and training can be easily done there.


If you want to succeed in the diet efficiently! If you read this chapter, you won’t know anything about fat burning.5

1. Become a state where your body needs energy

The burning of fat is a condition in which your body needs energy . Just living requires energy, the body is always collecting fat.

So if you are eating a lot of calories in the state of low energy consumption without moving much, fat accumulates. The absolute condition to lose weight is that if the calories consumed exceed the calories intake, you lose weight . You need to increase calories, that is, energy consumption.



The state is required by the active movement of the state, which requires a degree of energy to burn. In particular, aerobic exercise that can exercise for a long time is said to have a high fat burning effect.


Initiation of fat white cells

Fats can be divided into two types: ‘white fat cells’ and ‘brown fat cells’ .


“White fat cells: It collects extra calories into triglycerides. It is especially distributed in the lower abdomen, hips, thighs, waist, arms, and intestines.

“Brown fat cells”: have the function of reducing fat. It is present in the neck, armpits, around the scapula and kidneys.

In general, fat means “fat burning” in white fat cells ! Is to say. Brown fat cells, on the other hand, burn fat to generate heat and keep it warm.


There are a lot of these brown fat cells among the skinny people in the diet. In infants and childhood, there are many, but it decreases with adulthood. This makes it easier for body fat to accumulate in the body.


2. The mechanism by which fat is broken down

Accumulated fat can not be consumed well as it is. The use of fat as energy is when triglycerides are broken down into free fatty acids.


To break down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, an enzyme called lipase must be activated . It’s a hormone called glucagon that activates this lipase .

Glucagon is to command the lipase lipase to promote the breakdown of fat. It may be better to promote glucagon secretion, but one way to multiply is to do cardio . That’s why glucagon is released from the pancreas to stabilize blood sugar by falling and falling blood sugar.


3. Fat converted to energy

Fats broken down into free fatty acids and glycerin by lipase are dissolved in blood and carried to the muscles. Here is finally consumed by kinetic energy.

You can do aerobic exercise, strength training, etc. quickly at this timing, and use it as a technique to consume energy and burn fat efficiently.


4. Unburned fat is converted back into fat.

If fat is broken down and not consumed properly, it will be sent to the liver and will be resynthesized into triglycerides. Free fatty acids cannot exist in their raw form.


Triglycerides resynthesized in the liver accumulate into subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. This is why it is necessary to get rid of this and go through the process of lipolysis consumption .

Fat burning requires low blood sugar. However, be careful when you exercise when you’re too hungry, as you break down your condition.


The key to fat burning is “insulin”

The key to fat burning was a drop in blood sugar and glucagon secretion. This glucagon and the opposite hormone are insulin . Insulin, released when blood sugar rises, plays a very difficult role in fat burning.


Insulin inhibits fat burning

If you check the action of insulin,

After eating, blood sugar spikes, the blood will thicken. To prevent it, insulin is secreted from the pancreas . Insulin commands the cells of the whole body to exclude sugar in the blood, which is the ordered organ cells of the body to get rid of sugar in the blood, replacing sugar and carbohydrates with energy first. Fat has become behind, it becomes hard to burn down to suppress decomposition. In addition , fat will accumulate in sugars and carbohydrates that are not consumed .


Body fat gradually increases

Insulin is a return to normal blood sugar rises, then the ability to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis . But at the same time, it also suppresses fat burning and turns sugar and carbohydrates into fat, and no matter how hard your diet is, you can’t expect it.

If the state of high insulin continues, energy is not consumed, and the remaining sugar accumulates in fat. Therefore, this leads to an increase in body fat .

Causes of fatigue and dizziness…

Blood glucose levels rise rapidly and insulin is secreted, and blood sugar goes down at once. After the blood sugar level is low, blood sugar is high in order to return to normal blood sugar.


In this way, after the intake of sugar, blood sugar fluctuates greatly up and down . Lowering insulin secretion return the excessive blood glucose to normal organs adrenal . The adrenal glands secrete adrenaline, which raises blood sugar.


The more insulin secretion, the higher the adrenaline secretion, the greater the burden of the adrenal glands. Repeated repetition of the adrenal glands can cause a variety of physical conditions such as drowsiness and dizziness.

It is important to stabilize blood sugar

To burn fat well, it is necessary to stabilize blood sugar and suppress insulin secretion . To do that, it is important to have a meal that does not raise blood sugar . Research is needed to actively consume low GI rules, or to pay attention to the order of eating.

Exercise how to promote fat burning

Energy expenditure is required to promote fat burning,

Increase your metabolism with muscle training

In dieting, the commonly seen keyword is “basal metabolism” . Speaking of metabolism, there is an image to promote by exercise, etc., but this basic metabolism is “energy consumed without doing anything” .


This includes breathing, thermoregulation, long-term activity and brain function. Basal metabolism accounts for about 70% of the energy consumed per day, and raising basal metabolism is the point of increasing fat burning.

The amount of basal metabolism depends on the size of the muscles. This is why muscle training increases muscle mass and basal metabolic rate increases . Now during daily activities, of course, while you sleep or while you stay, such as “time to do nothing” ♪ I’m going to consume energy


Basal metabolic rate is really important. ☆ As

cardiopulmonary function rises, the basic metabolic rate goes up, so cardiopulmonary exercise can strengthen the cardiovascular function. ^^


Use energy with aerobic exercise

It is definitely burning fat when the calories consumed exceeds the calories consumed. But trying to consume as much calories as ingested is too hard. For example , consider the exercise required to consume the calories of air . .


60 minutes of yoga

12 minutes swimming freestyle

30 minutes jogging

90 minutes cleaning

You must move this much! Yoga classes are very exhausting, and swimming is a lack of exercise for 12 minutes and can’t be done. If you keep cleaning for 90 minutes, it’s too boring.



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