These surprising items of clothing can be bad for your health

Healthy clothes

High heels and slim jeans are not the only health risks women wear…..


Many do not care about the cleanliness of their nightwear with the same vigor as daywear. However, pajamas should be changed as often as panties, says gynecologist Jill Rabin at Cosmopolitan – at least if you are not wearing underpants. Namely, the nightwear accumulates a lot of bacteria during sleep.


We often do dirty socks and socks, but really leggings can be the dirtiest item on your outfit. They rub against your body for a long day and absorb all the sweat and skin oils.

If you keep the same leggings without washing for more than a few days, it can even result in a fungal infection, warns dermatologist Josh Zeichner . Attention! Tiny dress shirts are also counted as leggings. Only bacteria in them!


My home for gold expensive, think yeast infection and bacteria in moist, warm bikini pants. Synthetic clothing fibers prevent moisture from escaping, making it easy and comfortable for nasty companions to grow. So, if you are prone to yeast infections, change the lower part of the whiskers to dry immediately after bathing.


Fabric dyes can irritate the scalp, especially if the skin is very sensitive or if you suffer from recurrent inflammation of the scalp, warns Dr. Owen Montgomery of Cosmopolitan. If you have problems downstairs, white cotton is always a great option. It breathes and does not contain skin irritating colors.


The vest supports and other metal parts of the vest may contain nickel, to which many have been sensitized. If you notice itching on the skin, you can use the nail polish to paint the metal parts of the vest that touch the skin. Sadly throw in a bra with curved braces that peek out from the center of the fabric!


Flipflops make your feet free game for all sorts of stuff like bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. You can get unpleasant surprises through your feet if you have a small wound on your skin, for example, a pebble rubbing between your foot and your sandal.

Of course, flipflops are not an ergonomic choice either. They can cause pain in the heels and impair your posture. So, save your paddles for the beach and the swimming pool, and use sandals that support your feet, even somehow.Well hyi! These surprising items of clothing can be bad for your healthcloth.

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