Treat yourself and pamper yourself!

A home spa is born with a little effort but is pampering and pampering effective. Treatments, face masks, footbaths or body scrubs can be accomplished with supplies from nearby forest and kitchen cabinets

The most important thing in a home spa is when you are in a hurry, calm down, pamper yourself and relax. Holistic pampering enhances well-being and well-being

Small money is a great pleasure

Spruce high in antioxidants keeps your skin healthy and vibrant. Spruce can be used for refreshing facial water

Dandelion leaves contain vitamin C and several fortifying trace elements such as iron. Dandelion for skin strengthening is especially suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

Building a home spa doesn’t cost much. At home, you can do the same treatments as in beauty salons.

– There is a lot of joy in a home spa. It gives you that feeling of togetherness and good feeling. Even if you do massage for another, that touch is already relaxing, liberating in every way. Today, people have realized that pampering is needed, and in addition to good food or drink, the Home Spa brings joy to life, says Sini Sirén.

Only your imagination is the limit to how to pamper and pamper yourself at home. You don’t have to buy everything ready at the store.

– It is certainly not quite possible to collect, for example, birch leaves from nature.

They make for a wonderful foot bath. And then quite a few will surely find home honey, oat bran or yogurt.

All of these can be made into different masks, peelings, especially in footbaths you can use creativity that all kinds can be used. Naturally, all cosmetics come from nature, so just apply for nature, Sini Sirén encourages.

Nature’s produce can be used all year round

In nature, there are plants every season that can be used for beauty care, such as flowers, leaves, herbs, and berries. Natural dishes can also be used dried all year round. At its simplest, you can pamper yourself with oatmeal, honey and yogurt.

If you are allergic or sensitive, it is a good idea to test the product before use to see if you have any reaction.

The purpose of the home spa is to soothe and invigorate. If it’s just a quarter of a minute, you can enjoy a face mask

or a foot bath.

If you have more time, you can go to the bath or sauna, do a hair mask and exfoliate your entire body skin to the heels.

– Body care is still a little taboo in Finland. Faces and hands and feet are taken care of a lot, but body scrubs, creams and all that is easily forgotten.

An easy full body treatment you can do at home is a honey treatment for your body in the sauna. When honey is applied to the body in the sauna, it is well absorbed by the skin.

Things like this may be difficult and can’t be done, Sini Sirén says.

Yogurt cools

You can never pamper your hands too much. Hands skin often comes into contact with skin irritants such as cleaning agents or frost. Hand skin can be pampered with exfoliation and care masks just like facial skin.

Throughout the summer, the entire group has experienced some tough times. The sun has toasted the skin and dried the hair. After the summer holidays, you should pamper yourself with Home Spa treatments.

You can soothe your dehydrated summer skin with yogurt. Yogurt has a lot of such cooling and healing properties that your skin needs after a summer of being in the sun. I recommend yogurt as such, says Sini Sirén.

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